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clCSVFile Readme

CSV is useful because database and spreadsheet
applications can generally import this form of data vary easily straight
into fields or cells ( try opening a file with .csv extension in
Microsoft Excel ) but, and this can be really useful if you are
communicating with people who do not have this sort of application or
are accessing via a pda or via unix or..., you can still edit the file
quite easily using a text editor.

The sample application shows generally how to use it: set the Path and
use the connect method to import the data into a 2D text array. The
property TxtAry holds the imported values.

If you want to modify the data though you can access it at row-level
( in database terms, you can change a record at a time ) to insert,
delete, append or replace rows. Neat Eh?

Finally, to write the changes back to the CSV file you need to use the
commit method.

Being a class you can deal with as many CSV files simultaneously as your
computer can deal with. For each you just need to use a different
'instance' or name for the object and set the appropriate path.

Currently there are some known 'features', mainly around inelegant
handling of invalid use of the methods. This file has been supplied
'secured' at the moment just to see if it is still seen as a useful tool
- one of the benefits of object-oriented software is that you should not
need to know what's inside the object.

By developing this way it may encourage others to share their objects
without having to give away their hard-earned intellectual property.

If anyone really needs to see the workings drop me a line and I'll think
about it...