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Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental Monitoring Hardware
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A wireless environmental monitoring system with two overriding principles: reliability and ease of use.

Reliability has been built in by employing tried-and-tested components, with a physically separated user interface to prevent user interaction from disabling the data logging. The environment data logger system uses low power hardware with stable measurement devices to obviate the need for frequent battery changing or calibration.

The most basic typical use for the system is that of providing quality control e.g. showing that artefacts have been kept in a suitable environment ( or not ) for temperature, relative humidity, light and UV levels etc. There are many more sensor types available for other measurements - from atmospheric pressure and wind speed to counting people or gas concentration levels. Basic measurements: voltage, current, on/off can also be provided in the same system.

Data from each of the sensors is transmitted wirelessly to a central repository where any user on the network can view and analyse the data as they need.

The user interface has been honed over several years to provide views that are easily accessible to the novice or occasional user, but also provides interactive views to allow more in-depth analysis, if required. Data can be easily extracted for import into other programs e.g. spreadsheet or copied into a word processor for written reports.

A customisation service is available for specific data views, additions to the standard reports, automatic feeds into other systems, control of equipment based on the environmental conditions, etc. Please enquire for more information.

  • proprietary wireless transmission - no cable infrastructure needed and very low power for long battery life
  • proven reliability for data integrity
  • highly scalable - from small personal systems with a few sensors to distributed enterprise-level deployments
  • many views of data available - overview lists, quick-view graphs, interactive graph controls and plan views
  • variety of sensors available: temperature, relative humidity, visible and UV light levels, voltage, current etc.
  • standard reporting tool
  • alarms option including audible, e-mail and SMS text alerts
  • copy/paste graphics into other applications or print directly
  • export data as CSV ( comma-separated values ) or in Climate Notebook format
  • support for many operating systems - Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, Macintosh etc.

Systems need to be designed for each client individually and so no price guide is given here - please enquire if you have a system in mind and would like budgetary pricing or a firm quote.

Options available are:

  • dial-up to remote systems via modems
  • feedback control
  • different languages
  • customised reports
  • customised views
  • interfacing to other systems