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VEE Test Executive

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VEE Test Executive ( VTE ) is a manager for test routines written in Agilent VEE ( Visual Engineering Environment ) and provides generic services which are often required when running tests:

  • user interface allowing start/step/stop and feedback on test progress
  • passing parameters into test function depending on the particular device-under-test ( DUT )
  • comparing the results of the test function against the spec. for the DUT
  • storing the results in a logical format e.g. for entry in a database
  • changing the flow of the test sequence depending on the outcome of a test

VTE was written in VEE for VEE users and is designed as a simple-to-use system which will work "straight from the box" and with very little training for those already familiar with VEE. The product is highly customisable to allow users to alter the user interface e.g. to add in specific-to-product help files or to change data output formats, data representation etc.

Why Buy VTE?

The key benefits of using the VEE Test Executive are quality improvements, time-to-market and reduced costs:

  • product quality: feedback information on measurement distributions to enable the design to be improved
  • time-to-market: reduce the elapsed time from test specification to testing product
  • production costs: reduce test time by allowing test engineers to focus on the test process, not on the test framework
  • production costs: reduce test development time by easily reusing test programs
  • maintenance costs: reduce the time spent maintaining the test framework

The output data structure is designed to help answer quality control questions such as:

  • How many units passed the first time?
  • What is the variation in measurement x?
  • How has the test workstation varied over a given period?
  • use straight from the box
  • simple to use
  • written in Agilent VEE, for VEE users
  • test plan relates to a DUT which defines both test parameters and pass/fail limits
  • test results returned as journal, plain text or CSV for easy import into spreadsheet or database
  • run all tests
  • run selected tests
  • step through tests
  • repeat x times on fail
  • abort testing on fail


Single workstation licence price £600.00 which can be used on a second PC where only one is used for testing - one or both can be used for test development.

Multiple and site licences are available, please enquire for details and pricing.