Software engineering services

Service Description


Consultancy is offered in a diverse range of activities in the test, measurement and data acquisition services (including engineering services data acquisition services and support data acquisition services) areas including:

FMEA - failure modes and effects analysis: this provides an independent examination of a manufacturing production line to give an insight as to where problems may lie and recommendations for improvement.

The outcome of this is typically a presentation and written report detailing quality and throughput improvements based on observations, interviews etc.

Measurement improvement: the aim of a production test system is to prove that the device-under-test meets the needs of the customer and if a particular measurement or set of measurements passes devices that are unsuitable or fails devices that are acceptable then the implications are obvious for customer satisfaction, throughput and cost of test.

The outcome of this is typically a written report detailing measurement and quality and throughput improvements based on observations and maybe discussions with design staff etc.

Requirements elicitation - very often customers know what they want but do not know how ( or do not have the time ) to express that need in enough detail for a design to be worked up.

We can apply our knowledge of systems and technology to assist in the elicitation of requirements i.e. exploring the different aspects of a requirement and produce a requirements document.