Software engineering services

Service Description

Project Management

We have our own in-house project management expertise to complement the projects you bring to us: some customers just want something done as soon as possible, others need a project to match with activities in their own organisation and we can tailor our activities to match your needs.

The Role

Although by their very nature every project is different, they all have similar requirements from a project management point-of view. The role is to plan and organise resources ( people, time, equipment and materials ) such that the end product is brought about in a timely fashion, in budget.

Typically, time is not of the essence for projects, but the features of end product are. For example, a data acquisition system will be required to have a number of channels, sampling at a set rate and with a given accuracy. In addition there will be a user interface to control the system, have some view of what's happening real time and the data needs to be stored.

The key is knowing exactly what the end product will be and so that is the focus at the start of the process and what is constantly referred to throughout the rest of the project.

Typical Activities

The start of projects, then, is all about defining the end point: project briefs, proposals, requirements specifications etc. These focus on a variety of aspects depending on the project. For instance the system might have some elements which could present a safety hazard or it might be designed to run all year long with no supervision at a remote location or it might need highly-interactive graphical controls.

An acceptance test plan is drafted early in the project: this helps to direct the minds of both customer and supplier on how the features requested will be validated and gives our team quantitative goals to aim for when designing and building the system.

Once the requirements are established, the implementation can begin: designing, building, writing, testing. Where the project includes hardware there is also the job of managing the supplier chain such that components and sub-systems arrive when needed. Of course that is not always possible in which case other ways of doing things are considered to avoid stalling the project.

During the project, regular updates are provided to the customer - typically once a week when an updated Gantt chart plus a brief report are sent.

When all of the components are ready they are all brought together ( integrated ) tested, modified as required until it is deemed ready for the factory acceptance test ( which is extracted from the acceptance plan written early in the project ).

Finally the project deliverables are handed over to the customer and, if appropriate, tested and commissioned on-site.